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" Seeing your own beauty explains everything"

Hair, wigs, makeup 

You're energy speaks before you do.


Beauty is not just about the outside. My vision is to strengthen or explain a character, with the best (vegan, cruelty free) products. Touch a deeper layer through hair, make-up or grime.

Helping people find their inner strength to perform by changing their outer look.

Whether it is to give a presentation full self-confidence, play a totally different role on stage or on set, or to make a strong theme open for discussion.

It's all in your appearance. Which changes your inner state to perform how you want to perform.

Creativity, joy, love of the profession and a passion for sharing knowledge, that is what I love to do most. 

Translate and connect your inner world with your outer look.

WHO you are,

WHO you want to be,

WHAT you want to show,

HOW you want to perform?

                My work is to make you shine and ROCK your stage.

                              Laura van Kolk