It's official !

3 years ( I was just 2 years freelancer) ago I decided to do it. A new study, let my dream come true. The best school I found in Holland was Studio Bessels in Hilversum. Meaning; a 2 hour drive to school, go to school for 3 hours and a 2 hour drive back home.

I did that for 1,5 year and then decided to move to Amsterdam. Sold my house very fast and my studio in Amsterdam wasn't finished yet.

Thank god I have the most wonderful sis and brother-in-law where I could stay for almost 6 months.

Before I moved, I promoted myself in the building I was going to live, wrote theater groups and film academy.

So when I moved, I immediately had some work, meet new people because of my hairdressing and looking for model for study.

Offcourse I miss my sis and her family and my best friend. But they support me and if you both want to still connect, it will work.

In my study there was an amazing teacher, Tessa Hornsta, who taught me a lot:

' When you get frustrated because its not going as you want, Give it Love.' ( Liefde voor het haar, Love for the Hair)

' There is only one way to get there, and thats your own way'

' Think before doing'

Its sounds all so regular, but think about it..

When im frustrated about hair that won't listen, my thoughts are; Give it love, and it really works!

In 3 years I achieved a lot of goals.

Graduated, Moved, working where I want and most important, happy!

So when you dream big, go for it, work for it, fall down and get up, find people who motivate you and do what you love, with love.

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