Abbey Hoes

Laura is like a save haven. She is calm and very loving.

- Actress & singer

Dan Karaty

Laura is very professional. She is very attentive and off top of that, she is sweet.

- performer

Bram Coopmans

You were a safe haven for me, in this terrible role. Very relaxing and engaged. What a great collaboration.

- Actor


Wieke van Wingerden

With you I felt seen and heard. Very safe, pleasant and warm.

- Opera singer

Hanna Obbeek

I felt seen with Laura. In addition, she gives a feeling of safety and warmth

- Actrice & yoga instructor

Michael Muller

Laura is very creative and has a strong and substantive vision. Apart from that it is very cozy in her chair.

- Actor


Laura van Dooren

Laura is creative, honest and sincere. She listens calmly and thinks before speaking. Great to have her around you.

- Art creator

Laura is caring and genuinely interested. I felt very comfortable and that you do your work with a lot of love.

- Musical actress & Singing coach

Aniek van Heeren

Laura has the gift of showing me clearly what the next step is without filling in the answers.

- 3rd on filmset

Kelly vd boogaerd


Joes Brauers 

With her personal approach, Laura empowers the actor by creating a safe and involved environment. She sees you and feels flawlessly how to get the most out of both actor and character


Jurrien Trappel

As a maker I felt very heard by you, I was again inspired by your expertise and I really enjoyed the collaboration. A positive- critical, thoughtful and craftsman.

- Theater maker, actor

Laura Bakker

I felt myself with Laura. I got a positive feeling and I loved that we could laugh about the same things together.